Continuous Fight against CoVID-19

Drugs that are already confirmed by the FDA do demonstrate a high level of effectiveness in fighting COVID-19. According to computer modeling research conducted by UTSW researchers, the selection of drug candidates for the further improvement of vaccines still has not been finished.

The researchers used computer software that structurally matched all FDA drugs to the binding pocket. They then manually analyzed which drugs can forge strong chemical bonds with the pocket once inside. After the first research attempts, their list was topped by a few antiviral drugs, such as Darunavir, Nelfinavir, and Saquinavir. This result has not stopped them. So, the researchers identified some drugs that are not limited to antiviral use. These included the ACE inhibitor Moexipril, chemotherapeutic compound Daunorubicin, and the anti-malarial drug Atovaquone. After the following research attempts, Crestor (Rosuvastatin) was named as the most prospective statin to be used for COVID-19 treatment. It has already been taken by millions of patients all over the world to reduce the level of cholesterol in their body. In the future prospects, the use of Crestor against COVID-19 will get deeper. In fact, Crestor is currently exhibiting a strong safety profile. Its cost affordability makes it an even more attractive candidate in the medical sphere.


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